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Why Choose a BHPH Dealership

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Those who may not be familiar with the concept may find themselves asking why they should choose a buy here pay here dealership as opposed to a traditional dealership. There are a number of answers to this question. However, the most important reason to choose a buy here pay here dealership is if you’re struggling with a loan approval from a traditional dealership or third party auto financing company. We’re here to help those who need a car but are having difficulty with the purchasing process.


Credit Acceptance

The staple of a buy here pay here dealership is providing a reliable, quality vehicle to individuals who have been turned down by other dealerships because of their poor credit ratings and limited finances. At Automotive Link, we understand that this can be frustrating. In many cases, a car is the only thing standing between an individual and the financial stability they’re seeking. We believe that our customers should still have the chance to drive away with a good car that fits their needs and wishes.

Fast Approvals

used cars orlando floridaAt Automotive Link, we know that some other buy here pay here dealerships can take a while to perform a credit check. All we ask is 60 seconds of our customers’ time to let them know if they’ve been approved and that they are eligible to purchase a car from our lot. We respect the time of our customers and understand that no one has time to wait around for an answer on their credit application.


Monetary Flexibility

We know that our customers are often limited by resources such as time and finances. That’s why we will sit down with each customer to create a customized payment plan that suits his or her unique financial situation. We will examine the customer’s current and projected finances, alongside credit scores and ratings, to calculate a payment plan that allows the customer to drive home in a reliable vehicle.

Flexibility with Trade-ins

bad credit buy car orlando floridaBuy here pay here dealerships are also typically more flexible when it comes to trade-ins. Customers who find that it’s time for a newer vehicle or a more reliable vehicle can discuss any trade-in options that they may wish to pursue. Based on certain considerations, we can offer customers trade-in credit that can be used toward a vehicle on our lot. We understand that just because a vehicle is older, it doesn’t mean that it’s no longer valuable. This is a significant advantage over traditional dealerships, which may offer very little or nothing for an older vehicle.

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