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3 Myths about In-House Car Financing

It’s time to buy a car. You do your research, find the car you want in the color you want. But your bank account won’t let you buy it in one go. You are going to have to get an auto loan. Where do you go? A bank? They may look at your low-income and shake their head. Should you go to a credit union? Same problem. But you don’t want to finance through a dealership. You’ve heard too many stories about dealerships.

But are those stories true? Here are three myths you’ve probably heard, but are NOT true.

  1. Dealerships are more interested in getting your money than helping you buy a car

Every business needs money to run. Even car dealerships. But every business also needs trust, friendship, and confidence of customers. Even car dealerships. If all dealerships were out to steal your money, they would not have much business.

While some car dealerships may have less integrity than others, dealerships like Car Loan Unlimited want to help you. We want to put a stop to myths that scare you away from honest options like in-house financing.

  1. In-house financing charges higher interest

Interest is the stumbling block of car loans. It needs to be low enough for you to afford, but stand out enough for you to be wary of it. That being said, the interest on your loan will depend on your credit score, not on where you finance. Dealerships can offer you better deals than some banks and credit unions depending on your credit score. Dealerships can even offer you better deals when banks or credit unions turn you down.

  1. In-house financing is only for new cars

You want a used car, but your bank or credit union turned you down. You don’t want to buy a new car, but what choice do you have? Try choosing not to believe this myth. will finance in-house for used cars. They want to help you find the right car for you. That includes helping you secure a loan. In-house financing applies to both new and used cars.

For more facts about in-house car financing, browse You will find a great selection of cars, ideas for financing, and help when you need it.


How In-House Financing Options Can Make-Over Your Credit Score

The world, and particularly Orlando, is obsessed with makeovers. We like watching experts take someone, dress him or her up, dye their hair, throw on new make-up, and turn them into someone completely different. It’s fun to see the before and after. It’s interesting to see how they are treated different. We marvel at differences in behavior and confidence. Who wouldn’t want a makeover?

But instead of a makeover to change your appearance, why not a makeover to change your credit score? Wouldn’t you like to see your score go up? Have all the dirt and mistakes disappear from your credit history and be able to feel confident about your financial history?

There’s a way to accomplish this, but it may not occur in the way you’d expect.

First of all, it isn’t an instant change. It will take time and effort to turn your credit score around. Second, it’s not a permanent solution. A good credit score must be maintained even after achievement.

But what is the solution? In-house financing.

A car dealership with in-house financing is like the television show promising to makeover your appearance or house. They are the catalyst for change. Once you buy a car and finance in-house, you can be coached through the journey of making-over your credit score.

The in-house financier will help you make a plan. This plan will include buying a car, setting up a payment schedule, consequences if you miss payments, and what happens when you finish paying off your car.

In-house financing cuts out the middle man. You may hear people tell you to go to a bank or credit union for a loan. Financing in-house lets you correspond directly with the people who care most. They deal with people who have credit troubles every day. They have experience and they have resources.

Next time you want to give your credit a makeover, visit an Orlando dealership that finances in-house. Maybe we’ll see you at Automotive Link or on For more information on how an in-house make-over can help your credit, browse our website. We look forward to changing your credit score, and your life.

Attention Car Shoppers! 3 Surprising Facts about In-House Financing

Orlando car shoppers! Are you sitting behind the wheel of you next car but still hesitating to purchase? Maybe you are too worried about your finances or the economy to commit to buying a car. Maybe you’ve had trouble getting a car loan and don’t know where to turn for help.

Car loan application form

It sounds like the solution for you is in-house financing. Finding a dealership in Orlando to provide you with a loan is quick an easy!

Here are 3 surprising facts about in-house financing you may not know.

  1. Not all dealerships are out to get you

Perhaps you’ve heard stories of sketchy dealerships bankrupting families because the payments were too steep or the interest too high. The truth is, in-house financing can be a faster and easier way to buy your car and pay it off. An in-house finance dealer has more flexibility to offer loans, so even families with low-income or poor credit can qualify.

  1. In-house financing can save you money

Maybe you were rejected by your bank or credit union and think that since your last hope is to finance in-house it is also the most expensive option. In reality, in-house financing dealerships can search through a collection of options and find the best and least expensive deal for you. You can actually save money by financing in-house.

  1. Poor credit will not disqualify you in-house

Just because your credit score may be low does not mean you are disqualified from receiving a loan. An in-house dealership, particularly buy here pay here dealerships like, can help finance a loan. When other banks are sending you away empty handed, is waving goodbye as you drive home in your new car. If you suffer from credit problems, try an in-house financier.

You may be surprised by what you find when you visit an in-house financier. You will find cars, helpful employees, but most of all you will find success with finding a car loan and purchasing a new car.

Visit our website at to start your car buying experience.


3 Ways to Make “Buy Here, Pay Here” Financing Plans Work for You

You may hear the words, “buy here, pay here” and think, that’s not for me. The truth his buy here, pay here dealerships help all sorts of people. We help those who have no one else to turn to because their bank or credit union turned them down for a loan. We help our Orlando friends and family members who know they can trust us. We help people who see their perfect car on our website and can’t wait to come to our Orlando dealership and see what kind of loans we can offer.

Sales agent offering a car

Buy here, pay here auto loan dealers help people in every situation. People with no credit buying their first car or people with ruined credit trying to make a fresh start. And there are even people with great credit helping out a friend or family member who is in a tough situation. Whatever your circumstance, we have a deal that will be right for you. Here are 3 ways to make a buy here, pay here financing plan work for your personal situation.

  1. Buying you First Car

Whether just out of high school or you just had your first child, you need a new car. We meet people all the time who come in to purchase their first car. These people come to us, a buy here, pay here dealership, because they know we can provide them with a finance plan when other sources might turn them down.

  1. Bad Credit and Need Help

There are so many easy ways for your credit to fall short these days. With all the different businesses offering credit cards, all the payments with different deadlines, all the interest adding up that will never get paid off, credit can slip out of your control. Who do you turn to when you need a car but can’t prove your credibility? A buy here, pay here dealership will help you find solid footing in a sea of bad credit.

  1. The Best for Your Family

You want your friends and family to succeed and be happy. You can feel confident that referring them to a buy here, pay here dealership, like, will help them onto the right path. We can provide them with a great financing plan that will help resolve some of their mistakes.

To get more information about our buy here, pay here dealership, check out our website!

5 Purchasing Rules for Buyers with Bad Credit

When you were a child, you followed rules like don’t play in the road, buckle up, and no muddy shoes in the car! Now that you are an adult you still have rules to follow. There are rules to help you drive safely, rules to let you have a driver’s license, and rules to help you buy a car. Even if you have bad credit, there are still rules to ensure you get a good auto loan.

Hand with a car key.

Rule #1: Don’t let your self-esteem be tied to your credit

You are more than a number. Don’t be tricked into thinking your worth depends on your credit score. And don’t let someone turning you down for an auto loan make you feel like you can’t get a loan. No matter your credit score, there is a Florida auto dealer who will help you buy a car.

Rule #2: Make a fresh start; let go of your past

There are many reasons why you may have a bad credit score. It may be because of the bad choices of someone else. It may be some ignorant actions from your own past. Possibly it’s that credit card debt you stirred up when you were young. Whatever the reason, let yourself start new. Find a car loan and build up new credit.

Rule #3: Respect those you work with and demand respect in return

A bad credit score may make you feel like nobody understands your situation. You may start to feel upset after being rejected by different banks and dealers. But try to keep your spirits up. When you respect those trying to help you, they will offer more help. Respect will multiply to affect all those involved.

Rule #4: Get the very best that you can afford

A bad credit score might not let you buy your dream car, but it doesn’t mean you are forced to buy a junker on its last leg. Buy the best car you can afford. Don’t go overboard by buying a car that is out of your budget, but buy a car you will be happy with.

Rule #5: Choose wisely who you do business with

There are many car loan companies in Florida that will claim to be able to help you. Study carefully the companies you will visit. Find the ones that are trustworthy and experienced. Companies like will offer you opportunities to buy a car and build your credit.

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Be an Expert Car Buyer: 3 Things You Should Know When Buying a Car on Bad Credit

An expert car buyer does NOT mean you have enough money to buy a car, you have perfect credit, or you can buy a brand new vehicle. An expert car buyer is someone who comes prepared to buy a car within their means. An expert car buyer knows their limits, knows how to negotiate a deal, knows when to say no, and when to say yes. Here are 3 things to make you an expert car buyer, even if you have bad credit.

Car sales

1. You Have the Power to Say No

If you start to feel pressured, anxiety starts to build in your stomach, your head goes fuzzy, you feel guilty for making the deal, you start to think this is a bad idea, then you have the power to walk away! An expert car buyer will know when to sleep on it or compare deals. It is up to you to find the best auto loan for you.

2. You Are Not to be Dismissed

Some car dealers will take one look at your bad credit score and dismiss you as an auto loan candidate. Your job, as an expert car buyer, is to find the dealers in Florida who will give you not only a chance, but will treat you as an opportunity. You may find these kinds of dealers at buy here pay here dealers in Florida like

3. Don’t Feel Guilty for Saying Yes

When the day finally arrives that you find a car you can afford, a deal you can keep, and the chance to improve your bad credit through an auto loan, don’t let yourself be scared away by having to say yes. As an expert car buyer, you’ve worked hard for this deal. Let yourself celebrate the victory of finding a new car.

There are many more ways that even someone with bad credit can find an auto loan in Florida. These ideas are to get you thinking. If you can think of yourself as an expert car buyer, you won’t be intimidated by the car buying process. Get out there and find the car loan that is right for you.


4 Shortcuts for Finding the Perfect Car in Record Time

One morning you drive down the road. The sun is shining. The local Orlando radio station has only good news. It’s Friday and payday. Life couldn’t be better…until the car comes to an abrupt halt. The engine whines and steam floods out from under the hood. You smell a distinct scent of burnt oil.

You show up for work an hour late after hearing from your mechanic that your car is dead. There is no scenario where it is better to repair the can than buy a new one. Thus you are plunged into the car buying process before you even saw it coming.

Your biggest barrier is time. You need a car soon. Your Florida neighbors will get cranky if you keep asking for rides. How can you find the perfect car in record time? Here are 4 shortcuts to help.

  1. Ask Around

You neighbors may get sick of offering rides, but they will love to offer advice. They may know of a cousin’s uncle’s nephew who is selling his old car. Or perhaps they just had a great experience at a buy here pay here dealership. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and relatives for help. You don’t have to buy a car on your own. Let others share the experience with you.

  1. Check the Web

One of your biggest resources to help you find a car fast is the internet. Most car dealerships have websites that let you browse their inventory and even see if you qualify for a loan. You can do so much on your own before you even walk into a dealership. Don’t be afraid to assert your independence in this modern world of online information.

  1. Get Ready

Find out your credit score and check on your financial information. If you already have an idea of what you can afford you will have an advantage in the car buying process. Prepare your side of the deal to not only help the dealer, but to help yourself during negotiations.

  1. Know Where to Go

Instead of shopping at expensive dealerships that are sure to turn down anyone not working in the corner office, come to a buy here pay here dealerships like Our Orlando dealerships will have you driving away in a car the same day. If you need a car fast, come see us.

How Creditors Gamble with Your Credit: 3 Ways to Protect Yourself

When an in-house finance dealership sells you a car, they are gambling that you will be responsible. They look at your credit report and make a decision based on your credit history. Will they leave one of their cars in your care?

Let’s say they decide to trust you. Using in-house financing, they loan you a car and you start making payments. What happens if you run into trouble and can’t make a payment? This is where the gamble comes into play. The dealership will refuse to lose their side of the agreement. But you can’t get along without a car. How do you protect yourself when the gamble starts to slide downhill?

Make Double Payments

A car dealership that finances in-house will expect payments as regularly as financing through a bank. Protect yourself with double payments. Double payments do not mean you are paying your car off twice as fast. It means you are paying more than the required amount. Instead of $250 a month, you pay $300. This will help you pay the car off faster and show that you are responsible. Double payments may not be an option every month, but paying more money more often will protect you during the bad months.

Get a Co-Signer

If your credit is poor, finding a friend or family member willing to sign the loan with you can create a protection. The in-house financing creditor is not only gambling with you, but with you and another responsible party. They are more willing to take that gamble if they know you have more help on your side.

Find a loan within your means

Just because you can get a car doesn’t mean you should get the most expensive, fasted, flashiest car in the lot. Be sure the in-house financing loan is affordable for you budget. A $3000 car will get you from point A to point B just as easily as a $30,000 car. Protect yourself by purchasing a car within your means from an in-house financial dealership like

If you have any more questions about how to protect your credit in the dealership gamble, talk to any one of our dealers at your local Orlando CarLoanUnlimited dealerships.

20 Warning Signs it’s Time for a New Family Car

  1. Too many children, too few seats.
  2. You never found that pet snake that escaped from its cage in the trunk.
  3. Your seat is the color of cookies, bubblegum and juice.
  4. The fingerprints on the windows have stopped wiping off.
  5. There is a permanent imprint of where the car seat sat.
  6. There is no room left on the bumper for more stickers.
  7. Your oldest child just got their driver’s license.
  8. The neighbors just got a new car.
  9. Gas prices are climbing again.
  10. You just got made carpool leader.
  11. Your wife is pregnant with triplets.
  12. You have the mechanic on speed dial.
  13. Passengers have started to complain about the wining sound.
  14. You can’t tell the original color.
  15. You question whether it can get you to the grocery store and back.
  16. You don’t bother locking it because nobody will want to steal it.
  17. The windshield wipers come on when you change the radio station.
  18. The school science teacher asks to use it for a demonstration on spontaneous combustion.
  19. The local preacher asks to use it for a demonstration on miracles.
  20. The demolition derby has been by at least twice asking you to donate.

In all seriousness, the time will come when you will look at your family car and decide you need a new one. The easiest and best way to start the car purchasing process is by talking to a local Orlando Buy Here Pay Here car dealer, like No matter your credit history, your current situation, or your future outlook, you can find a reliable car. Come visit us at to wipe the slate clean and start a new list of memories in a new family car.

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