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How In-House Financing Options Can Make-Over Your Credit Score

The world, and particularly Orlando, is obsessed with makeovers. We like watching experts take someone, dress him or her up, dye their hair, throw on new make-up, and turn them into someone completely different. It’s fun to see the before and after. It’s interesting to see how they are treated different. We marvel at differences in behavior and confidence. Who wouldn’t want a makeover?

But instead of a makeover to change your appearance, why not a makeover to change your credit score? Wouldn’t you like to see your score go up? Have all the dirt and mistakes disappear from your credit history and be able to feel confident about your financial history?

There’s a way to accomplish this, but it may not occur in the way you’d expect.

First of all, it isn’t an instant change. It will take time and effort to turn your credit score around. Second, it’s not a permanent solution. A good credit score must be maintained even after achievement.

But what is the solution? In-house financing.

A car dealership with in-house financing is like the television show promising to makeover your appearance or house. They are the catalyst for change. Once you buy a car and finance in-house, you can be coached through the journey of making-over your credit score.

The in-house financier will help you make a plan. This plan will include buying a car, setting up a payment schedule, consequences if you miss payments, and what happens when you finish paying off your car.

In-house financing cuts out the middle man. You may hear people tell you to go to a bank or credit union for a loan. Financing in-house lets you correspond directly with the people who care most. They deal with people who have credit troubles every day. They have experience and they have resources.

Next time you want to give your credit a makeover, visit an Orlando dealership that finances in-house. Maybe we’ll see you at Automotive Link or on For more information on how an in-house make-over can help your credit, browse our website. We look forward to changing your credit score, and your life.

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